Focus Group Discussion: Council for The Coalition

Wed, 05 August 2020

Jakarta – BEI (Indonesia Stock Exchange), KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), AEI (Indonesian Public Listed Companies Association), IBL (Indonesia Business Links), APINDO (Employers' Association of Indonesia), KNKG (National Committee on Governance Policy), and &PERBANAS (Indonesian Banks Association), gathered to support the implementation of CAC program in Indonesia through a Focused Group of Discussion on 29th October 2019. The purpose of this gathering is to form a Council for the CAC Program to guide and invite companies to join this coalition. It is important to continuously raise the awareness of promoting clean system and good corporate governance in the Indonesia business environment.

In this forum Susi Rai Azizi from KADIN mentioned that most corporates will positively support any anti-bribery program as long as to be assured that they will gain any profitable and tangible compensation by implementing it.

All of associations has agreed to consistently support this program as long as this program is proved will sustain in a long run. Iwan Zulkarnain, the Office Manager of APINDO stated that APINDO will surely support this program if the regulation applied not only towards Private Sector but also gives stricter law enforcement on Public Service. According to Andi Ilham Said, IICD's Chairman of Trustee Board, IICD as an institution that supports forming this council, can help companies when they want to develop anti-corruption programs.

There will be a further discussion to coordinate and formalize this CAC Council group. (29/10/2019)

CAC Indonesia